Johansson Research Group

We use femtosecond laser pulses to study and control magnetic materials, which are the basic components in data storage devices.  Magnetic materials have revolutionised the advancement of consumer electronics during the twentieth century and have completely changed how we can access and make use of information. A continued development of new magnetic materials and new ways of controlling them will contribute to the development of future information storage devices. This is important because improving how we handle and process the large amount of data generated in our society will affect a wide range of areas such as health care, government, logistics, and will reduce global energy consumption.

Vibrating molecules

Research Keywords

  • Molecular magnetism
  • Femtosecond lasers
  • Spectroscopy and dynamics
  • Vibrational Coherence
  • Magnetic circular dichroism (MCD)
  • Thin films
  • Nanomaterials
  • Chemical physics