Paper accepted in Dalton Transactions

Kyle's paper on ultrafast Jahn-Teller switching in Mn(III) terpyridine complexes has been accepted in Dalton Transactions!

New PhD studentship!

We have a new PhD studentship available in the group! See here for details!

A femtosecond magneto-optical spectrometer

Erica’s paper on the group's femtosecond magneto-optical spectrometer has been published in Review of Scientific Instruments! In the paper, Erica describes how a transient absorption spectrometer and an electromagnet can be used to obtain time-resolved magnetic circular dichroism spectra with 0.4 mdeg sensitivity. Well done, Erica!

Paper accepted in Thin Solid Films

Hal's work on mitigating scatter in Prussian Blue films has been accepted in Thin Solid Films. The paper discusses the use of optically transparent adhesives in improving transmittance in thin film PBAs.

Left-to-right: Olof, Jake, Tom, Hal, Kyle, Ryan, Iona

Group Social June 1st 2021

The group had our first in-person social of the year! Long overdue!

Review article published in PCCP

Our review on the ultrafast photoinduced dynamics in Prussian blue analogues (PBAs) has been published in Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. We discuss the main processes observed in PBAs after photoexcitation on both femtosecond and nanosecond timescales and techniques used.

Victory for Quizical Chemistry!

Kyle, Jake and Hal joined forces with Elliott of the Campbell group to partake in Chemunity's Battle of the Centuries Quiz, taking first place!

New EPSRC Grant Awarded

We have been awarded an EPSRC grant titled ‘Femtosecond Coherences in Single-Molecule Magnets’ in collaboration with Euan Brechin (Edinburgh) and Tom Penfold at Newcastle University. The team will explore new ways to manipulate paramagnetic coordination compounds by creating femtosecond coherent vibrational wavepackets along the Jahn-Teller (JT) axis to enable optical control of the magnetic anisotropy. The project builds on our proof-of-principle results published earlier this year (Liedy et al, Nature Chemistry, 12, 452 - 458 (2020)) and involves synthesis of new molecules, advanced measurements and quantum chemical calculations. State-of-the-art spectroscopic methods, such as ultrafast electron diffraction and X-ray free-electron lasers, will be used in collaboration with external project partners in Japan, Switzerland and Germany. We will soon advertise for a 3-year postdoc position with the group.

Back in the lab

The School of Chemistry is gradually opening and we are back in the lab!

Viva celebrations on Zoom

Florian passed his viva

Florian passed his viva and did a great job! It was done over Zoom and we had to have the celebrations online as well. We wish Florian all the best for his new job with Seagate!


Graphical abstract

Paper accepted in Nature Chemistry

Florian's work on vibrational coherences in Mn-based single-molecule magnets was accepted in Nature Chemistry. This was a collaborative project with Julien Eng and Tom Penfold at Newcastle University and our colleague Euan Brechin at Edinburgh. We also published a behind-the-paper blog.

Graphical abstract

Paper published in JMMM

We have carried out a joint experimental and computational study on a trinuclear basic carboxylate iron complex together with Georg Lefkidis and Wolfgang Hübner at Kaiserslautern University. The work has now been published in a special edition dedicated to Jean-Yves Bigot and Eric Beaurepaire in the Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials.


Debi's goodbye lunch

Debi's last day

Debi is leaving the group after securing a permanent position in industry. We thanked Debi for his contribution by going to one of his favourite restaurants in Edinburgh. Good luck, Debi!

Luke PhD celebration

Congratulations to Luke Hedley who passed his viva on 21st Oct

Olof presenting in the conference

Olof and Debi attended UMC in York 14th- 17th October, 2019

Photophysics of Molecular Magnets 10-11th October

Photophysics of Molecular Magnets 10-11th October

The group organised a meeting on Photophysics of Molecular Magnets at the Royal Society of Edinburgh. We enjoyed plenary talks from Prof Eugenio Coronado and Prof Andrei Kirilyuk. There were speakers from synthetic chemistry, condensed matter physics, and both theory and experiments.


Molecule investigated in the paper

New paper on ChemRxiv

Our paper Vibrational Coherences in Manganese Single-molecule Magnets after Ultrafast Photoexcitation is now available on ChemRxiv. In the manuscript we report coherent vibrational wavepackets in Mn6 single-molecule magnets.

The talk in progress

Group talk

Hal gives his first-year presentation, well done!

Fluorescent materials in the classroom

School visit

The P5's at Law primary school (Alex's class) have been talking about light and changing materials... so naturally Olof and Alex gave a presentation and some demonstrations using lasers and things that glow... Great fun! Photo of Alex and his brother Daniel the night before while testing some of the props.

View from the airplane

Kaiserslautern visit

Olof visited Prof. Wolfgang Hübner and Dr. Georg Lefkidis at the University of Kaiserslautern.